Product – Archiving Water Ware


€ 79,00

Archiving Water Ware

Consist out of a carafe, presentation plateau ( plateau for dry food only ) cups and bowls. The special ‘Colored Drops Glazing’ is arranged on places where you touch the ware by hand. The texture of the glazing feels enjoyable and gives grip. The products are suitable for consumption and dishwasher save.

Colored Drops Glazing

The glazing behaves unpredictable like water, it finds its own way and leaves intricate but beautiful and tactile structures behind. The process is designed, the outcome is left to chance.

Archiving Water Project by Lotte de Raadt

Archiving Water collects projects and products who showcase the beauty of water and stimulate a more conscious use of this precious natural resource.

To celebrate and communicate (tap) water as an essential ingredient for life

October 15, 2017

Visit us during the Dutch Design Week 2017
Location: Kunst en Ko, Hoogstraat 69, Eindhoven
Map no. 1306

Exhibition by Luuxx, social label of Lunet zorg

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