Project – Archiving Water

Water is the source of all life, we use it everyday. Clean drinking water is so much integrated in Dutch society that we hardly think about the fact that it comes right out of our faucets. ‘Archiving Water’ is a platform initiated by studio Lotte de Raadt in 2015 which goal is to let people consciously experience, visually as well as tactile, water in all its forms in our everyday lives; in public places and in our homes.

Lotte de Raadt is fascinated by water and has made products that focus on the drinking of tap water. ‘Archiving Water’ collects artifacts and images from designers who take water as a starting point for their designs.

The platform searches for collaborations and would like to initiate new multi-disciplinary projects that showcase the beauty of water and stimulate a more conscious use of this precious natural resource. ‘Archiving Water’ is looking for and builds a collection of new relations and forms, for and with our water.

October 15, 2017

Visit us during the Dutch Design Week 2017
Location: Kunst en Ko, Hoogstraat 69, Eindhoven
Map no. 1306

Exhibition by Luuxx, social label of Lunet zorg

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