Product – Ceramic Tap Water Carafe

Dutch tap water is top quality drinking water, and it is 2000 times cheaper than bottled water. And more importantly, it does not require any polluting plastic bottles or transport. With her traditionally crafted Tap Water Carafe Lotte de Raadt intends to promote the consumption of tap water.

The shape of the carafes betrays the origins of the water. The tall bottle with the long neck refers to water from deep underground; the low, stout bottle is the ideal shape for collecting surface water; the third can be filled with dune water. The stopper clearly displays the place where the contents were drawn: from the tap, naturally!

Product group: Water Carafe
Designer: Lotte de Raadt
Material: Earthenware


October 15, 2017

Visit us during the Dutch Design Week 2017
Location: Kunst en Ko, Hoogstraat 69, Eindhoven
Map no. 1306

Exhibition by Luuxx, social label of Lunet zorg

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