In this tableware collection primal, refined and functional forms and materials relate to one of the most important resources of this planet; water. The iron sludge that is used in the clay, engobes and glazes represent the production process of potable water. Thereby this tableware brings us closer to something we often take for granted. 

Each product is made of porcelain clay mixed with iron sludge which gives it a light grey tint with tiny speckles of a darker colour. The outside is unglazed which gives it a soft but slightly rougher texture. On the inside a smooth protective layer of transparent glaze is applied to make it water resistant and food proof. The name and stamp in each product tells the origin of the iron sludge. 

About the Oer project

​​Within the Oer project Kirstie van Noort and Lotte de Raadt investigate different possibilities for the application of iron sludge in ceramics. The iron sludge is locally sourced from water production plants in Brabant. In the future the Oer project will use iron sludge from water production plants in other locations. Each location will give a different shade of iron oxide to ceramic products of the Oer project.