Oer tableware collection, workshop sale 02.05.2021 afternoon course


Learn how to use natural raw materials as a pigment for glazes and clay bodies during our Ceramics Casting and Coloring Courses.

During the course we will work with iron ore slib, a raw material locally harvested in Vessem (Noord Babrant, NL) and normally discarded during the process of filtering our tap water. Our tap water is extracted from sources of dozens of meters deep, and is about 1000 of years old. Most of the oxygen in the water is already disappeared, and metals like manganese and iron are dissolved. It is here where centuries ago the Romans harvested iron ore in order to make knives and axes. And nowadays for us the perfect place to harvest the iron ore slib to develop our project ‘Oer’. We visited the place several times and took samples of different residues, of which we made color and materials tests, each time in different proportions to develop different colors and clay bodies. We would like to share our knowledge with you by providing a ceramics course. During this course you will learn how to make your own pigments and clay bodies and how to use these on porcelain.

The course will take half a day:

14:00 – 14:30
Introduction to our studio and an inspiration talk about the Oer project. Including all different steps of developing the pigments and the clay body.

14:30 – 15:30
Slip casting the developed clay body into plaster molds and learn how to use transparent glaze. We will provide 3 plaster molds per person and also ready to use porcelain clay, colored with pigments extracted from the iron ore slib. After 1 hour you will have 1 cup, 1 bowl and 1 plate, ready for the kiln! After casting the objects we will learn you how to glaze (with transparant glossy glaze) the inside of a cup, bowl and plate.

15:30 – till you finished coloring and designing your pieces (the workshop is open till 17:30)
This part of the course will be all about coloring white biscuit fired porcelain. You are free to choose your own colors (we developed three recipes) and mix them. By using very simple color techniques, such as dipping, spray paint and masking you will color a set of 1 cup, 1 bowl and 1 plate.

After the course we will carefully glaze and fire all your items, ready for shipping or pick them up at the studio.

In brief:

  • At NulZes, Eindhoven, NL from 14:00 till 17:30
  • By Lotte de Raadt and/or Kirstie van Noort
  • Insight in how to use raw materials as pigments and clay bodies
  • After the course you are the proud owner of 2 cups, 2 bowls and 2 plates (and you have the basic knowledge on how to expand your own collection)
  • 175 euro (incl tax) per person, excluding shipping costs
  • 2 persons per course max.

COVID 19 pandemic x Oer workshop

The ceramics atelier is temporarily closed for public until the 2nd of March. The online shop for booking a workshop after the 2nd of March is open!

We adhere to the regulations given to us by the national government in the Netherlands.

Due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, we have adapted the workshops to a maximum group size of 2 people. This allows us to offer each participant a workplace in the workshop with at least 1.5 m distance from the other.

If you have booked a workshop for a certain date and you experience flu symptoms just before or on that day, we ask you to stay at home. Or if the Dutch government changes restrictions we will plan another day for the workshop together with you.

In Dutch:
COVID 19 pandemie & Oer workshop

Wij houden ons aan de voorschriften die ons worden geven door de rijksoverheid in Nederland.

Vanwege de aanhoudende COVID 19 pandemie hebben wij de workshops aangepast naar een maximale groepsgrootte van 2 personen. Hierdoor kunnen we iedere deelnemer een werkplek in de werkplaats bieden met zeker 1,5 m afstand tot de ander.

Als je een workshop hebt geboekt voor een bepaalde datum en je ondervind griep verschijnselen vlak voor of op die dag, vragen wij je om thuis te blijven. Ook als de Nederlandse rijksoverheid de regeles rondom het virus tijdelijk aanpast zullen we samen met jou een andere dag voor de workshop inplannen.